"Car Meet 3" Figure 3 for 1/18 Scale Models by American Diorama


Introducing the "Car Meet 3" Figure 3 by American Diorama - a meticulously crafted masterpiece designed to bring life and character to your 1/18 scale model world. Get ready to elevate your dioramas and collections to a whole new level with this stunning addition. Here's why you'll love it:

🚗 1/18 Scale Perfection: Created specifically for 1/18 scale models, this figure is the missing piece that will complete your collection.

📦 Brand New Box: You'll receive your "Car Meet 3" Figure 3 in a pristine, brand new box, ensuring that your collectible arrives in top-notch condition.

🌟 Blister Pack Presentation: The figure comes in a secure blister pack, not just for protection, but also to showcase its exquisite details and craftsmanship.

🖌️ Hand-Painted Beauty: Crafted from high-quality poly-resin and meticulously hand-painted, every detail from the figure's expression to its attire is a work of art in itself.

🚘 Car Not Included: Please note that while the figure adds an incredible touch to your collection, the car shown in the images is not included.

👤 Perfectly Proportioned: Standing at approximately 4 inches tall, this figure fits seamlessly into your 1/18 scale buildings and dioramas, adding a lifelike touch to your miniature world.

Upgrade your collection with the "Car Meet 3" Figure 3 by American Diorama and let your imagination take a ride through the world of 1/18 scale models. Order yours today and experience the magic of exceptional craftsmanship!

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