"Beach Girls" 5 piece Diecast Figure Set (3 Female Figures and 2 Beach Accessories) for 1/64 Scale Models by Tarmac Works & American Diorama


Introducing the "Beach Girls" 1/64 Scale Diecast Figure Set by Tarmac Works & American Diorama - a limited edition collection that's sure to add a touch of summer fun and realism to your miniature model world. Dive into the details of this exciting set:

🏖️ Beach Vibes: Get ready to soak up the sun and feel the beachy vibes with this 5-piece set, featuring 3 charming female figures and 2 delightful beach accessories.

🌟 Limited Edition: This collection is a rare find for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Grab it while you can, as it's available in limited quantities.

🎁 Brand New Box: Your set will arrive in pristine condition, sealed in the manufacturer's original, unopened packaging. It's a perfect gift for yourself or a fellow model aficionado.

🪙 Crafted from Die-Cast Metal: These mini figurines and accessories are made with precision from high-quality die-cast metal, ensuring durability and authenticity in every detail.

🚗 Car Not Included: Please note that the set does not include the car shown in the images, but it's designed to complement any 1/64 scale model you already have.

🎨 Impeccable Detail: The craftsmanship in these tiny figures is astonishing. Each figurine stands approximately 0.75-1.125 inches tall, and their lifelike details will transport you to a sunny day by the shore.

Upgrade your 1/64 scale model display with the "Beach Girls" Diecast Figure Set by Tarmac Works & American Diorama. Order now to add a dash of seaside charm to your collection and create scenes that capture the essence of a day at the beach!

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