"Car Meet 3" Figure 7 for 1/18 Scale Models by American Diorama


Introducing the "Car Meet 3" Figure 7 by American Diorama - a stunning addition to your 1/18 scale model collection. This meticulously crafted figure is designed to bring your miniature car meets to life with incredible detail and style. Here's what you can expect:

🔥 Brand New Collectible: Get your hands on a brand new 1/18 scale "Car Meet 3" Figure 7, straight from the box, ensuring the utmost freshness in your collection.

📦 Secure Packaging: Each figure is carefully encased in a blister pack, guaranteeing its pristine condition upon arrival.

🎨 Hand-Painted Elegance: Crafted from high-quality poly-resin, this figure boasts hand-painted details that capture every nuance of its design, making it a true work of art.

🚗 Car Not Included: While this figure can elevate the ambiance of your car meet scene, please note that it doesn't come with the car shown in the images.

👤 Impressive Height: Standing at approximately 4 inches tall, "Car Meet 3" Figure 7 commands attention and adds depth to your 1/18 scale dioramas.

🏢 Versatile Fit: This figure is versatile and fits seamlessly into all 1/18 scale buildings and dioramas, giving you the freedom to create captivating scenes limited only by your imagination.

Elevate your collection with "Car Meet 3" Figure 7 by American Diorama, a must-have for any dedicated scale model enthusiast. Unleash your creativity and transform your dioramas into vibrant, lifelike car meet experiences!

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