"HKS" Garage Tools Set of 5 pieces with Stickers "Collab64" Series for 1/64 Model Cars by Tarmac Works


Introducing the HKS Garage Tools Set of 5 pieces with Stickers from the coveted "Collab64" Series by Tarmac Works. This limited edition 1/64 scale set is a must-have for any die-cast model car enthusiast. Get ready to elevate your collection with this officially licensed product that brings a touch of authenticity to your miniature garage. Here's why you won't want to miss out:

🔧 True-to-Scale Detail: Each piece in this set is meticulously crafted to capture the intricate details you'd find in a real garage. From the tools to the feather flag, every item exudes realism.

📦 Brand New Box: Your HKS Garage Tools Set will arrive in pristine, manufacturer's original unopened packaging, ensuring it's in perfect condition for your collection.

🏁 No Car Included: While it doesn't come with a car, this set is the ideal complement to your 1/64 model cars, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your display.

🔧 Comprehensive Set: This collection includes five essential pieces for your miniature garage:

  1. Jack: Get ready to lift your model cars for maintenance or display.
  2. Board: A versatile piece that adds realism to your garage scene.
  3. Tool Box: Keep your tiny tools organized and ready for action.
  4. Feather Flag: Add a touch of flair with this iconic garage accessory.
  5. Four Post Lift: Elevate your cars to new heights with this stunning replica.

🏁 Stickers Included: Enhance the customization of your garage with two sets of stickers. Personalize your tools and equipment just like a real garage owner.

Elevate your 1/64 model car collection with the HKS Garage Tools Set. This limited edition, officially licensed set is all about the details, and it's ready to bring a touch of realism to your miniature garage. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your collection to the next level. Grab yours today and start building your dream garage scene!

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