"Phillips 66" 6 piece Shop Tools Set "Shop Tool Accessories" Series 5 1/64 Models by Greenlight


Introducing the brand new 1/64 scale "Phillips 66" 6 piece Shop Tools Set from the coveted "Shop Tool Accessories" Series 5 by Greenlight. This limited edition collection is a must-have for all automotive enthusiasts and collectors. Each piece in this set boasts true-to-scale detail and authentic decoration, capturing the essence of the Phillips 66 brand. Packaged in a pristine blister pack within the manufacturer's original unopened packaging, this officially licensed product is a collector's dream.

🔧 True-to-Scale Detail: Every tool in this set is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each piece looks just like the real thing.

🛠️ Authentic Decoration: The Phillips 66 branding on each tool adds an authentic touch, making this set perfect for fans of the brand and automotive aficionados.

📦 Brand New Box: You'll receive this 6 piece Shop Tools Set in a brand new box, guaranteeing that each tool is in top-notch condition.

🔒 Limited Edition: This set is a limited edition, making it a valuable addition to any collection. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of automotive history.

🔌 Officially Licensed: Rest easy knowing that this product is officially licensed by Phillips 66, ensuring its quality and accuracy.

🧰 Comprehensive Set: From a jack to a battery charger, this set includes everything you need to create a realistic workshop scene for your collection.

⚙️ Unopened Packaging: The tools come in their original, unopened packaging from the manufacturer, preserving their collectible value.

Upgrade your collection with the "Phillips 66" 6 piece Shop Tools Set and bring a piece of the automotive world into your display. Whether you're a Phillips 66 enthusiast or a dedicated collector, this limited edition set is a true gem. Order yours now before they're gone!

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