Skill 2 Model Kit Tiki Trike "Trick Trikes" Series 1/25 Scale Model by MPC

  • Brand new 1/25 scale plastic model kit of Tiki Trike "Trick Trikes" Series (Skill 2) 1/25 plastic model kit by MPC.
  • Brand new box.
  • "Tiki" tank.
  • Super-wide tires.
  • Custom headlamps.
  • Clear parts in 3 colors.
  • Classic spyder wheels.
  • Vintage style packaging.
  • Drag "Picnic" parachute.
  • Customizing decal sheet.
  • "Chopped Chopper" body.
  • Chrome plated small parts.
  • Optional "Rattan" roof decal.
  • Mod "radically reclined" interior.
  • Black vinyl tires and metal axles.
  • Super-low "Chopped Chopper" body.
  • Customizing "Psychedelic Surf" decals.
  • Special bonus: "Torch Tiki" deluxe decal.
  • Paint and cement required (not included).
  • Parts molded in white, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Transparent parts in Orange, Green and Clear colors.

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